About Us

Hey guys, this blog is for both me and Calvin (though mostly me, Calvin is more the innocent victim in all this) as we attempt to make our lives a bit more interesting. Lately, I’ve just been getting the feeling that I’m… getting old. This feeling has been hitting me especially hard ever since I turned 26. I know, so old. But after spending week after week doing the same old stuff, I realized that I was in a rut. And I really was not happy with that.

I started feeling restless. The why-don’t-I-just-quit-my-job-and-become-a-nomad type of restless. Home, utilities, electronics, food. Who needs all that?  Why not uproot my entire life and make rash life decisions that I can never take back?

Yeah, I think I may have discovered my mid-life crisis (quarter life crisis?). Luckily, with a little help from Calvin, I didn’t quite reach full quit-my-life crazy and settled on something a bit more normal. I didn’t need to uproot my entire life, just parts of it. Besides, let’s face it, even if I did beat the odds and somehow became a successful nomad, once it became permanent I’d probably be bored of that also. Routine is just not one of my strong points.

So, in came our new “Don’t Be Boring” life rules and, shortly after, our “Bucket List.”

Don’t Be Boring Life Rules

1. Do something, anything, new that we’ve never done before once a month.
2. Travel out of state at least once a year.
3. Travel out of the country at least every 5 years.