Kings Dominion Trip

☑ Take a picture on a moving roller coaster
☑ Ride all the rides at an amusement park in one day (including a Drop Tower)


This past Saturday, 9.17.16, Calvin and I had the opportunity to visit Kings Dominion for a major discount. Due to some big company buying out the park for the day and our roommate having an in, we were able to get in for a mere $24 compared to the usual $55. We couldn’t say yes quick enough.

Hooray for corporatism!

Once a childhood staple, I hadn’t had the chance to visit KD in many years. For reference, on my last visit Rebel Yell still operated with a backwards track, a gimmick that was discontinued in 2007. Also gone were Hypersonic XLC, Shockwave, and Spongebob Squarepants 3-D.

However, in their place were some amazing new rides. The aptly named Intimidator particularly stuck out. To be fair, when a coaster causes your eyesight to start fading to black, it tends to be pretty memorable. Calvin on the other hand, fully passed out. (Hah, Loserrrr)

During the trip I got to tick off a couple bucketish items off my list. First, I rode every single ride at Kings Dominion. Including my least favorite, the Drop Tower. Usually I avoid Drop Towers at all cost. But hey, gotta do it for the Bucket List. According to Calvin he heard just the beginning of my scream until it reached a pitch that only dogs could have possibly heard.

Second items off the bucket list was taking a group photo on a moving roller coaster. A bucket list item that I made up as our coaster ascended Rebel Yell. But in the spur of the moment I didn’t realize that the camera was on square mode and I was unable to fit everyone in the shot. What is even the point of that mode anyways? However, we got a redo on the Grizzly and I love how the picture turned out. BTW, that Grizzly ride was one of the most genuinely frightening rides I’ve ever been on. Who needs fancy twists and loops when you feel like the whole coaster is going to break down any second while you’re on it.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. Fun times and quality bonding time with the roommates. Can’t wait for the next trip!