Vertigo Burger

☑ Order a fully stacked vertigo burger from Elevation Burger

There’s a burger chain in Virginia called Elevation Burger. In most aspects, for me, this place doesn’t have any particularly outstanding qualities. It’s a mediocre chain with mediocre burgers. However, they do have a single gimmick that I’ve always been interested in trying. They offer a “Vertigo Burger” that starts out at 3 patties, with the ability to add on more. Up to 10 whole patties. It’s extravagant and ridiculous. But at the same time it sounded oh so delicious, in a seriously artery clogging way. So being literal gluttons for punishment, Calvin and I decided to channel our inner Adam Richman and go for it.

Calvin and I are simple people, and we like simple burgers. I like mine with mushrooms, onions and cheese, while Calvin opts for the more classic bacon, lettuce and cheese. I was a bit giddy with excitement over our little foray, though in reality probably came off as more than a little drunk. The cashier looked as though she didn’t believe me at first when I first told her our order – 2 Vertigo Burgers with 10 patties… each. If I were her in her shoes I might not have believed me either. But we made the message clear, and left about 10 minutes later with our spoils.

The burgers themselves… left a lot to be desired. The patties were pretty dry and bland. Not very surprising since there was only a SINGLE layer of condiments … on the very bottom patty… They didn’t even put it on top of the patty either, so the entire bottom bun was extremely soggy and inedible by the time I worked my way down. Luckily I had my own ketchup and sliced cheese that I could add between the patties to make what amounted to a pile of plain beef to resemble something a bit more burger-like. Perhaps I should have known to specify that I would’ve liked multiple layers of condiments between the 10 patties. I shouldn’t have assumed that they would’ve offered to provide more than a single layer of their “free” condiments despite paying $1.39 per extra patty. We basically paid for $60 worth of dry ground beef patties. WHAT. A. RIP. OFF.

In short, NEVER AGAIN.



TL;DR – What I thought this burger was going to be like

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What the burger was actually like

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